Project 1007

In 1987, the Valley Branch Watershed District constructed Project 1007 — a large flood control project for the Tri-Lakes Area (lakes Jane, Olson, and DeMontreville). Project 1007 is a system of stormwater pipes, open channels, catchbasins, and two dams that direct the flow of water from the Tri-Lakes area to the St. Croix River. It also uses a number of lakes and creeks to connect to the St. Croix River.

One of those creeks, Raleigh Creek, also flows through the former 3M Oakdale disposal site. Additionally, between the late 1980s to the early 1990s, untreated water from Washington County Landfill was discharged to Project 1007​.

Why it matters

Included in the 3M Settlement agreement: "The MPCA shall conduct a source assessment and feasibility study regarding the role of the Valley Branch Water District's project known as Project 1007 in the conveyance of PFCs in the environment.”

The goal of the assessment is to understand how Project 1007 may be contributing to the PFAS contamination in the East Metro area.

The map to the right, courtesy of Valley Branch Watershed District, outlines Project 1007 area.

What we're doing

The project is looking into the connections between surface water and groundwater from Project 1007. AECOM Technical Services Inc. is providing the initial assessment and evaluation. They are working with Valley Branch Watershed District to gather current and historical data.

Investigation process

  • Baseline surface water and sediment sampling along the Project 1007 corridor
  • Learning about the groundwater impacts and geology below the 1007 corridor by drilling monitoring wells and sampling soil and groundwater
  • Focused investigations in targeted areas

Once the investigation phases are complete, the robust data sets will be used for feasibility studies to evaluate potential mitigation efforts for the East Metro area.

Progress report

A summary of PFAS data and observations during the investigation. Note: Some of these files are very large.

What is a source assessment and feasibility study?

A source assessment looks at a defined area (delineation), in this case Project 1007, to investigate. A feasibility study is a detailed evaluation of alternative cleanup options. Data from the source assessment will help to develop the feasibility study.