The court-approved agreement settling the natural resources damage lawsuit specifies how the grant from 3M can be spent by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and the Minnesota Department of Natural resources (DNR). It sets two top priorities for funding and provides guidelines for using any remaining money after those two issues are adequately addressed. It also directs the MPCA and DNR to set up a working group to guide use of the funds.

Expedited project applications

Recognizing that there may be some time-sensitive opportunities, about $25 million from the 2018 3M Settlement were made available for expedited projects that are consistent with the settlement’s top priority — ensuring safe drinking water for communities in the East Metropolitan Area.

Applications, accepted through May 25, 2019, were open to everyone, including individuals, for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and public entities including the state, tribes, counties, schools, and higher education institutions. Eighteen applications were submitted totaling $26.8 million. The work groups provided input on projects in order to help the Co-Trustees make informed funding decisions.


The Co-Trustees are reviewing the project applications based on the eligibility criteria that were developed through the work groups. Note: These are a listing of applicants only. 

  • City of Cottage Grove: Two applications totaling $9,083,006
  • City of Lake Elmo: Four applications totaling $5,826,400
  • City of Oakdale: One application totaling $142,500
  • City of Woodbury: Three applications totaling $6,043,634
  • Prairie Island Indian Community: One application totaling $53,475
  • Washington County: One application totaling $150,000
  • Church of Christ – Woodbury: One application totaling $380,000
  • Commercial Development Fund: One application totaling $739
  • St. Croix Montessori School: One application totaling $33,615
  • St. Croix Water Solutions: One application totaling $5,000,000
  • James Blackford: One application totaling $110,000
  • Julie and Gary LaValle: One application totaling $35,000