Conceptual Drinking Water Supply Plan

The Conceptual Drinking Water Supply Plan is a key component to ensure drinking water needs and options for the East Metropolitan Area are appropriately and thoroughly considered. The plan will take into account both public water systems and private wells, using a region-wide approach.

Recommended options

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Department of Natural Resources, co-trustees of the Settlement, have released plans to spend $700 million on a drinking water supply plan for 14 communities in the East Metropolitan Area.

With input from citizens, stakeholders, and technical experts from each of the affected communities, the comprehensive set of recommended options account for every home, neighborhood, and community in the 150 square miles affected by PFAS contamination in the East Metropolitan Area to ensure all recommendations provide safe and sustainable drinking water now and into the future.

Use the interactive map to see the recommended long-term drinking water options for your individual private well.

For a neighborhood or area that is connecting to a public water supply, see the fact sheet that private well owners should be aware of.

For information on well sampling, visit MPCA's well sampling web page.

The comprehensive set of recommended options were open for public comment through December 10, 2020.

Public meetings

Public meetings were held on September 22 and 23, 2020.

Next steps

The MPCA and DNR expect to finalize the East Metro drinking plan in early 2021.

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